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That the following shall be inscribed in plain letters on the stone
in the front wall of the Cemetery House.

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St Cleer General Cemetery
on the 26th day of July 1864 to the use
of various religious Dissenting
Denominations in the neighbourhood
and the Public Generally.
by voluntary contributions and profits
arising from the sale of Graves.
by twenty Trustees who are bound
to present the accounts to an annual
Meeting. If any time: profits
above the working expences should
arise. The public, and not the
Trustees to have the benefit of
the same.


Excerpt from the Trustee Minutes

That we add to the burying ground by enclosing a part of the reserved ground straight with the back of the Cemetery House, and that this be superintended by Mr William Daniel, Mr  Martin and Mr Crago.

That we take down the hedge facing the road and build a stone wall instead.

That to meet the expense of building the wall and to lessen the standing debt on the cemetery, Mr William Daniel be desired to solicit contributions from those gentlemen he has not yet had an opportunity of seeing.

Bound Minutes23.10.1872
That a floor be put in the Cemetery House.

That a ceiling of pitch pine wood be placed in cemetery house

That the secretary write the District Education Clerk and complain of the nuisance created in the cemetery by the overflow from the school cesspit

That the secretary write to the School Managers and complain about the overflowing of the drainage water from the school premises into the cemetery.o

That Mr W. J. Thomas be appointed sexton temporarily in place of Mr Bishop, who has joined HM forces.

That in future if any damage be done to the cemetery locks or gates the sexton shall inform the police, and that a noticeboard be set up in order to inform the public where the keys may be obtained

At a special meeting of the working committee held on the 8th of December-all the members being present-it was unanimously agreed to make a new gateway so as to enable the public to enter and leave the cemetery at will

That the secretary write to the managers of the school and complain of the nuisance caused by the fowls kept on their premises

That the schoolmaster's attention be called to the damage done to the cemetery by the visits of the schoolboys

That the secretary ask the police constable kindly to assist the schoolmaster in preventing the schoolchildren from running over the cemetery

That chairman call the schoolmaster's attention to the dumping of ashes into the cemetery

Caunter, Venning & Harwood
17th September 1936

Daniel Parkyn Deceased
The above deceased, by his will, gave a legacy of £20 to the trustees of the cemetery at St Cleer “upon trust to invest the same and to pay the yearly income thereof to the sexton or caretaker for the time being of the said cemetery for keeping the graves of therein of my Father and Mother in good order”.

We accordingly enclose executors cheque for this amount in payment of this legacy, and shall be obliged if you will kindly complete the accompanying receipt and return it to us in due course.

Yours faithfully,
Caunter Venning & Harwood

L. Skentlebery Esq (Snr)
Fore Street
St Cleer.

That box to receive visitors donations be placed on the door of the chapel and that Mr Keast be asked to make and fix the box.

Page from the Minutes1.12.1941
It was then resolved that consent be given for the use of the cemetery chapel as a mortuary in the event of an invasion. 
It was proposed that a bier be provided as the property of the trustees and that Mr Cowling be asked to enquire about the price of one known to be available at Liskeard.

It was resolved that a charge of one shilling be made for the use of the bier.

The Deeds of the Cemetery was missing and after some enquiry, these were handed to the late, F. Dawe in 1932.  Solicitors had been contacted who had dealt with his affairs and a letter had been received to say that if these deeds had been lodged with the firm of Mr J. A. Elliott, then they could have been destroyed in the Plymouth Office, which was completely burnt down with all the records during the blitz of the 1939-45 war.  The secretary was instructed to see about getting a new deed drawn up.

The meeting met to discuss a legacy left by the late C. Olliver, which arose out of the amount being £230.79, which was to be to the benefit of the cemetery adjacent to the church being governed by the trustees for the time being, but this matter was drawn to the attention of the executors, that the churchyard was governed by the parochial council and not trustees.  Therefore, seeing the deceased was buried in the General Cemetery, where other relatives were also buried, it was thought the amount of the legacy should have gone to the trustees and therefore the secretary was instructed to write a letter to the executors pointing out this matter and not willing to share the amount involved with the parochial church council



The Trustees

Trustees are volunteers from the local community approved by vote of the existing trustees. Their duties are to manage the cemetery on an ongoing basis and to try to ensure that the income from burials is adequate to cover running expenses

Current Trustees

  • Henry Stacey            
  • Paul Stacey
  • Sean Kelly
  • Derris Watson
Trustee Minute

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