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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 30-11-1936.

The Annual Meeting of Trustees held in the Council Schoolroom on Monday, November 30, 1936.

Present : Messrs J. Mitchell, F. Tucker, T. J. Lang, RJ Cowling, C. Crowle, C. Carne, and L. Skentlebery.
Mr Carne was elected chairman.
1. That the minutes of the last annual meeting be confirmed.
2. That the financial report be adopted.
3. That the officers and working committee be re-elected en bloc.
4. That Mr B. Hosken's resignation be accepted.
5. That Mr T. Doney be elected trustee in place of Mr F. Dawe-deceased.
6. That Mr W. Bennett be elected trustee in place of Mr W. Bray-deceased.
7. That Mr Ernest J. Marshall be elected trustee in place of Mr Harwood.
8. That Mr William J. Hambly be elected trustee in place of Mr B. Hosken resigned.
9. That the legacy of the late Daniel Parkyn be accepted, and that a copy of his solicitor's letter be entered in the minute book.
10. That the sum 20 left by Mr Parkyn be invested in War loan.
11. That the investment be left in the hands of Mr Carne and the secretary, and that in all correspondence (receipts etc.) relating to the matter, the name of the treasurer stand first.
12. That if the officers consider it advisable a further general meeting been summoned to consider our financial position.
The meeting terminated with a vote of thanks to the chairman.


Trustee Minute

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