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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 3-12- 1937.

Working committee meeting with the sexton Friday, December 3rd 1937.

The working committee met the newly appointed sexton Friday December the 3rd and inspected the state of the cemetery.
There were present, Mr Phillips, Mr Doney, Mr Tucker and the secretary.
It was agreed to request Mr Pengelly to put in three days work and do his best to improve the general aspect of the place, which certainly had the most neglected appearance.
The secretary and Mr Doney were asked to inspect the work, when finished, and notify the treasurer in order that the sexton might be paid.
The secretary was also asked to write Mr Watkins and request him to deliver up the keys, the missing wheelbarrow and any tools etc remaining in his possession.
Mr Pengelly was also authorised to cut down certain unsightly trees and shrubs.


Trustee Minute

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