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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 29-11-1938.

The Annual Meeting of Trustees held in the Council Schoolroom Tuesday, November 29th, 1938.

Present : Messrs G. Hall, C. Carne, H. Bawden, H. Dawe, T. Doney, W. Bennett, S. Whiting, T. Hawke, W. J. Hambly, C. Salt and L. Skentlebery.
The sexton, Mr S. Pengelly was also present.
Mr C. Carne was elected chairman, and extended a hearty welcome to our new trustee Mr Caleb Salt.
The minutes of the last annual meeting with then read and confirmed. Mr Carne next presented the balance sheet for the financial year ending November 1938. This unfortunately showed a deficit of 11/6 on the years working. After some discussion as to ways and means of raising additional funds it was moved, seconded and carried that the balance sheet be accepted.
The following collectors were then appointed to canvass the parish with the object of giving the public an opportunity of helping the trustees to solve the present difficult financial problem.
For St Cleer - Mr Doney and Mr Skentlebery.
For Commonmoor - Mr Hambly and Mr Hawke.
For Higher Tremarcombe - Mr Bawden.
For Tremarcombe and Tremar - Mr G. Hall.
For Darite - Mr Pengelly.
For Crows Nest - Mr Salt.
It was further agreed that collection books should be prepared by the secretary, and signed by both the secretary and treasurer authorising the collection.
The officers were then re-elected.
Mr Carne treasurer and Mr Skentlebery secretary, while the following were appointed to the working committee, - Messrs Philipps, Carne, Skentlebery, Doney and H. Dawe, the latter being elected in place of Mr F. Tucker, who has left the parish.
It was next resolved that the chuting on the north side of the chapel be repaired and that Mr Hambly be asked to carry out the work at an early date.
It was also recommended that a hole be bored in the water tank for overflow. This work. Mr Bennett kindly offered to do without charge. Mr Hall then proposed that a noticeboard containing the name and address of the sexton should be placed in conspicuous position for the information of the public. The proposal was well received and adopted.
It was further recommended the padlocks be provided for the main gate and toolhouse.
The working committee was also asked to meet at the cemetery and if possible devise a means of keeping dry the planks and boards used by the sexton.
The meeting concluded with the vote of thanks to Mr Skentlebery for his long service in connection with the cemetery. Mr Skentlebery expressed his great appreciation of the vote. He was willing he said to continue serving the trustees as long as he was able.


Trustee Minute

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