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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 21-8-1939.

A meeting of the working committee, held in the cemetery on Monday, August 21st, 1939.

Present : Messrs Carne, Phillips, Doney, Hambly, Bennett, Skentlebery and the sexton.
The work done by Messrs Hambly and Bennett was examined and deemed highly satisfactory, Mr Bennet being especially thanked for his unpaid services.
It was decided to provide new Padlocks for the entrance gate and toolhouse and Mr Bennett was asked to procure the same at an early date. The stowage of the sexton's boards was then considered and by trial it was found that the toolhouse was sufficiently large to contain them. Henceforth the boards will be kept there and not in the chapel.
The provision of a new gate and noticeboard was deferred until the annual meeting, as was also the question of the removal of accumulated rubbish.


Trustee Minute

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