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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 20-12-1939.

The Annual Meeting of trustees held in the Liberal Club on Wednesday, December 20th, 1939.

Present : Messrs Doney, Carne, Bennett, Skentlebery, Crowle, Lang, Hambly, Whiting, Cowling, Mitchell, Hall, Hawke and Bawden.
Mr Carne was elected to the chair.
The minutes of the last annual meeting were read and confirmed as were also the minutes of the meeting of the working committee held on the 21st of August.
Arising out of minutes it was resolved to provide a new gate at coal-store entrance to the cemetery and that Mr Hooper of Trevecca be asked to supply the same.
Mr Bennett was requested to obtain the measurements and do all the necessary work in fixing the gate and also to provide padlock and key.
It was further resolved that a noticeboard bearing the name and address of the sexton be placed in a prominent position in the cemetery, and that a pathway be made to the eastern corner of the field in order that friends may deposit there all dead flowers etc, and that an order to this effect be placed upon the noticeboard.
The treasurer next presented the balance sheet for the financial year. This happily showed a balance in hand of £6-4-2 - the proceeds of the collection amounting to£5-5-6. This was considered satisfactory and it was resolved that the balance sheet be adopted.
It was further resolved that Mr can't be treasurer, Mr Skentlebery be secretary and working committee be re-elected en bloc.
The resignation of Mr F. Tucker was considered and accepted and Mr H. Keast was unanimously chosen to fill the vacancy.
The following resolutions were also adopted.
1. That box to receive visitors donations be placed on the door of the chapel and that Mr Keast be asked to make and fix the box.
2. That the sexton be authorised to charge 25/-for a walled grave.
3. That the interest of the Parkyn Legacy be withdrawn by the treasurer and the sexton be duly paid.


Trustee Minute

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