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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 9-11-1940.

Annual Meeting of Trustees held in the Liberal Club, November 9th, 1940.

Present : Messrs F. Williams, J. Mitchell, A. J. Philipps, R.J.Cowling, L.Skentlebery, C. Crowle, E. J. Marshall, C. Carne, WJ Hambly, T. Doney, W. Bennett and H. Keast.
Mr Williams was elected chairman.
The minutes of the last annual meeting were read and confirmed.
The secretary reported that the new gate leading to the lower part of the cemetery had been fixed and a Box for subscriptions was being constructed by Mr Keast.
The balance sheet was next read and adopted-the balance in hand being £6-4-2.
It was then resolved that the resignation of the sexton, Mr F. Pengelly be accepted and also that Mr F. Hall be appointed in his place.
It was further resolved that at an early date the working committee confer with the sexton with the object of seeing what can be done to improve the appearance of the cemetery.
The officers were re-elected and Mr H. Keast was added to the working committee.
It was also resolved that the following charges being made :-
for a freehold graves to parishioners £1
ditto to non-parishioners £1-10
Burial fee 12/6
Sextonís charge for digging a grave 15/-
Ditto for a double grave 18/-
Use of chapel 2/6


Trustee Minute

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