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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 20-12-1944.

The Annual Meeting of the St Cleer General Cemetery held at Mr Carne's residence Higher Tremarcombe on 20th December 1944.

Present : Messrs C. Carne, T. Doney, W. Bennett, C. Crowle, H. Bawden, RJ Cowling, H. Keast, L. Skentlebery and T. Hawke.
Mr Crowle was voted to the chair.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted.
1. That the burial fee of 12/6 remain unchanged.
2. That the charge for fixing curbing to a non-Freehold grave be 10/-.
3. That the charge for headstone and base be 10/-.
4. For headstone base and curbing 15/-.
5. For headstone and curbing to two graves 17/6.
6. For headstone and curbing to three graves 1-0-0.
A letter of resignation from Mr J. Lang was read and accepted, whereupon Mr J. Arnold was unanimously elected to serve as a trustee in place of Mr Lang.
The balance sheet, showing a small credit balance, was then read and accepted after which the secretary was cordially thanked for his past services and re-elected.
The treasurer, Mr C. Carne, was reluctantly compelled to resign, on account of bad health. He was heartily thanked for his valuable services to the trustees and Mr T. Hawke was unanimously elected to the treasurership.
The working committee was re-elected.


Trustee Minute

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