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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 25-4-1949.

Emergency Meeting held in the Liberal Club on Monday, April 25th, 1948.

Present : Messrs Phillips, Higman, Doney, Hambly, Arnold, L. Mitchell, J. Mitchell, Bennett and secretary.
Proposed, seconded and resolved
1. We accept Mr Stead's resignation.
2. The secretary, Mr Bennett and the chairman go to Mrs Lumley's, Common Moor re wrong burial on Tuesday, April 26, 1949.
3. That we get funds and get cemetery cleaned up.
4. That the following notice be inserted in the Cornish Times for two weeks.
St Cleer General Cemetery
The Trustees of the above are anxious to improve the present unsatisfactory conditions of the cemetery. Funds are urgently required for same. All wishing to subscribe should please forward donations to
L. W. Skentlebery secretary.
Mr T. Hawke treasurer
signed A J. Philipps chairman


Trustee Minute

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