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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 11-5-1949.

Meeting of trustees held in Liberal Club, Wednesday, May 11th, 1949.

Present : Messrs ellipse, Hawke, Arnold, J. and L. Mitchell, Higman, Bennett, Doney, Worden, Bawden and secretary.
1. That Mr Roberts be appointed sexton (carried unanimously).
2. Collectors were appointed as follows:-
Tremar Mr L. Mitchell.
Tremarcombe Mr Philipps and C. Higman.
St Cleer L. W. Skentlebery.
Higher Tremar and Darite Mr Hawke and Mr Bawden
Crows Nest Mrs Earle
Common Moor Mr W. Hambly.
3. That we get bin Mr Philipps for the sum of one pound.
4. That Mr Steed be asked to shift hay rick in one week.
5. Books to be presented at a meeting in club on June 13th.


Trustee Minute

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