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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 16-4- 1951.

Annual Meeting held in the Liberal Club on Monday, April 16th at 8.00pm.

Present : Messrs Phillips, Doney, Mitchell, Hooper, Keast, Cowling, Hambly, Hawke, Stacey, Dawe, Bennett, Pengelly, Worden, Hawke, and the secretary.
1. That Messrs Keast and Hambly prepare estimate for repairs to cemetery house etc..
2. That the treasurers report be passed and the treasurer be thanked for his past services.
3. Sexton be asked to cut path to the hedge.
4. That all officers be re-elected.
5. That sexton do necessary job to gate in coal store yard.
6. That the secretary write to sexton and thank him for his past years work.
7. That the sexton have the power to stop anyone working on graves.
8. 2/6 be paid to Liberal Club.


Trustee Minute

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