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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 20-3-1956.

Annual Meeting held in the Liberal Club Tuesday, March 20th, 1956.

Present : Messrs Hambly, Hawke, Stacey, Couch, Mitchell, Arnold, Bennett, Dawe, N. Couch, G. Stephens, H. Cole and secretary.
The committee stood in silence for the late Mr Bawden and Mr W. Worden, trustees who died during the past year.
Proposed and seconded the balance sheet be passed.
Proposed and seconded that Messrs Crocker Tremarcombe, W. Willcocks, Crows Nest, and P Wilton Hendra be elected trustees.
Proposed and seconded that secretary write Mr Roberts Sexton letter of thanks for his work done re the cemetery.
Proposed by Mr Dawe and seconded by Mr Cole that Cemetery House Gates etc. Be painted by Mr Hambly before the winter.


Trustee Minute

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