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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 17-3-1958.

Annual Meeting of Cemetery held in the Liberal Club on Monday, March 17th, 1958.

Present : Messrs Hambly, T. Hawke, H. Dawe, S. Tracey, A Cowling, G. Stephens, H. Arnold, L. Mitchell, J. Hosken, C. Couch, G. Stephens, H. Cole, G.Crocker and secretary.
Mr Hambly was re-elected chairman.
Proposed and seconded the parish be collected as soon as possible.
Proposed and seconded that Mr Roberts the sexton be paid 2/6 per hour for the past years work i.e. 148 hours at 2/6 18-10-0.
Collectors appointed as follows:-
St Cleer Mr N. Couch and G. Stephens
Common Moor Mr. W. Hambly
Redgate Mr H. Cole.
Tremarcombe Mrs L. Gatenby.
Tremar Mr. J. Hosken
Higher Tremar Mr T. Hawke.
All officers and committees be re-elected.
Proposed and seconded that charge of 10/- be made on any fixtures of stones or curbs, and that 17/6 be paid the section for burial fee and 10/- for sexton.


Trustee Minute

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