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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 21-3-1960.

Annual General Meeting was held in the Liberal Club on Monday, March 21st, 1960.

Present : Messrs W. J. Hambly, T. Hawke, H. Stacey, A Cowling, J. Hosken, H. Arnold, N. Couch, H. Cole, P Wilton and the secretary.
W. J. Hambly was re-elected chairman.
The trustees stood in silence as a tribute to one of their late trustees. Mr G. Stephens.
The financial statement was given by the treasurer, Mr T. Hawke and showed a credit balance in hand of 21-9-9. The secretary and treasurer were thanked and re-elected. The condition of cemetery was considered quite satisfactory. Proposed and seconded that a fee of two pounds should be charged for the fixing of a stone or curb.
2/6 was paid to the club for use of room.
The total collection of parish raised 50- 8-10 which was considered highly satisfactory.
Mr M. Doney, of Darite was elected trustee in place of the late Mr G. Stephens.


Trustee Minute

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