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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 8-5-1967.

The Annual Meeting of the St Cleer General Cemetery held at Glencairn on Monday, May 8, 1967

Present : Messrs W. J. Hambly, T. Hawke, L. W. Skentlebery, A Cowling, H. Cole, H. Arnold, L. Mitchell, H. Stacey and M. Doney.
W. J. Hambly re-elected chairman, T. Hawke re-elected treasurer, and L. W. Skentlebery re-elected secretary.
Proposed and seconded
The following advert to be put in Cornish Times:
The trustees of the St Cleer General Cemetery at their annual meeting decided that all mounds in the above cemetery will be levelled, no memorials will be disturbed, any objections to be lodged to the secretary by September 29, 1967. L .W. S. secretary
The committee were re-elected en bloc.
Treasurers report unanimously accepted.
Proposed and seconded the secretary be paid 5-0-0.
Proposed and seconded that Mr M. Doney see about spray etc for grass.
Proposed and seconded Mr Hambly see to chapel roof and guttering and see to painting of cemetery chapel, if necessary.
Proposed and seconded that the sale of graves be 2-10-0. Burial Fees to be 1-5-0.


Trustee Minute

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