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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 29-4-1968.

The Annual Meeting of the Trustees held at Glencairn on Monday, April 29, 1968.

Present : Chairman Mr W. Hambly, treasurer Mr T. Hawke, secretary L. W. Skentlebery, and Messrs N Couch, H. Stacey, V. Hawke, M. Doney, H. Cole and L. Mitchell.
1. The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.
2. The chairman, treasurer secretary and all the trustees were re-elected.
3. The treasurers report was read and considered very satisfactory.
4. Proposed and seconded that the secretary write Mrs A Cowling letter of sympathy.
5. Proposed and seconded that treasurer should deposit all money at Barclay's Bank, Liskeard, in the deposit account. The treasurer to hold the deposit account book and he and the secretary should sign any cheques.
6. Proposed and seconded that Mr M. Doney be given 5 to pay for help received last year in cutting the grass.
7. Proposed and seconded that Mr Hambly see to painting of chapel etc..
8. Proposed and seconded that Mr W. S. Hosken of Hopsland and Mr N. Harper of St Cleer be appointed trustees.
9. Proposed and seconded that Mr H. Cole's kind offer of supplying a man to build the cemetery hedge be accepted.
10. Proposed and seconded that Mr Hambly offer to supply door to sextons house be accepted.
11. Proposed and seconded that the secretary's fee be five pounds per year.
12. Proposed and seconded that Mr Hambly see the schoolmaster re children entering the cemetery etc.
13. Proposed and seconded the following advert to be put in the Guardian and Cornish Tines for two weeks:
St Cleer General Cemetery
At the recent meeting of the Trustees of the above it was the unanimous decision of the Trustees that all unattended mounds on each side of the path as far over as the Chapel be levelled, no memorials to be disturbed, any objection should be given in writing to the secretary by August 31, 1968.
Signed L. W. Skentlebery, Glencairn, St Cleer, Liskeard.
14. Proposed and seconded that Mr V. Hawke's kind offer to give some new grave reserved crosses be accepted.


Trustee Minute

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