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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 21-4-1969.

The Annual Meeting of the Trustees of the St Cleer General Cemetery was held at Glencairn on Monday, April 21, 1969.

Present : Messrs W. J. Hambly Chairman, T. Hawke treasurer, L. W. Skentlebery secretary, W. S. Hosken, H. Arnold, V. Hawke, N. Harper, J Hosken, N. Couch, L. Mitchell, H. Stacey, H. Cole, and M. Doney.
1. Mr T. Hawke read the balance sheet which was considered very satisfactory.
2. Proposed and seconded that Mr V. Hawke see Messrs Richards of Taphouse re three new 9' x 8 x 2 planks for graves.
3. That Mr Hambly and Mr Hawke be responsible for galvanise.
4. Mr H. Arnold be responsible for new lock etc on Cemetery gates.
5. Mr V. Hawke offer of ladder be accepted.
6. Mr M. Doney's offer to weld hinges on Cemetery house door be accepted.
7. Mr Stacey's offer to collect cemetery boards from Taphouse, ladder and galvanise for Mr V. Hawke be accepted.
8. Mr Hambly's offer to see to section of outside wall at the back of rostrum to be accepted.
9. Proposed and seconded that inside of chapel walls to be cleaned and and re coloured on inside by voluntary labour the trustees pay for material.
10. Proposed and seconded that from this date April 21, 1969, the following prices for graves be:
double and single graves be 4-0-0 including fixing of curbs monuments etc.
burial fee be increased to 2-0-0 plus 2 extra for fixing of curbs etc..
11. Thanks were expressed to Mr V. Hawke for stakes and Mr H. Cole for the building of cemetery hedge and Mr M. Doney's donation.
12. All officers etc were re-elected.


Trustee Minute

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