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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 24-3-1970

Annual Meeting of the Trustees of the St Cleer General Cemetery held in the Liberal Club on Wednesday, March 24 1970.

Present : Messrs W. J. Hambly, T. Hawke, L. W. Skentlebery, M. Doney, N. Harper, W. S. Hosken, J. Hosken, L. Mitchell, H. Stacey and H. Cole..
Apologies were received from N. Couch. V Hawke and Mr H. Arnold.
The officers were re-elected.
1. Balance sheet was read by the treasurer and considered very satisfactory.
2. Proposed and seconded that the interest on money left by the late Mr D Parkyn be drawn and transferred to the trustees fund.
3. Proposed and seconded that a tender for grass machine belonging to the CCC be estimated to 20 and be left in the hands of Mr Hambly to see same.
4. Proposed and seconded that the secretary see Mr White re right away in coal yard Etc
5. Proposed and seconded that owners of land adjoining cemetery be seen by Mr J. Hosken and prices be quoted for half acre.
6. Proposed and seconded that Mr N. Harris, Darite be asked to be a trustee.


Trustee Minute

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