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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 14-4-1970

Special meeting held at Liberal Club on Tuesday, April 4, 1970 Re Right away to Cemetery.

Present : Messrs W. J. Hambly, T. Hawke, W. S. Hosken, J. Hosken, N. Couch, L. Mitchell, H. Arnold, H. Stacey, M. Doney, H. Cole, N. Harper and the secretary.
The business was re the right away to the cemetery through the old coal yard.
1. Proposed by Mr W. S. Hosken and seconded by Mr J. Hosken, that we should engage a solicitor (Messrs Blight and Broad of Callington and get his advice on the right-of-way and the locking of gate to cemetery.
2. Proposed by Mr T. Hawke and seconded by Mr N. Couch that we should see Mr Shepherd and see if we could come to some agreement re having right-of-way marked on his plan and conveyance.
Both propositions were put to the meeting and the first proposition was carried unanimously.
3. Proposed and seconded that Mr Hambly, Chairman and Mr T. Hawke see the solicitors.


Trustee Minute

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