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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 25-9-1979.

Special Meeting of the Trustees held on September 25, 1979.

Present : Messrs W. Hosken, L. Mitchell, A Mitchell, V. Hawke, M. Doney, S. Wilton, L. Hawke, H. Stacey, Hooper, N. Couch, and the secretary W. J. Hambly.
Mr W. Hosken was elected chairman.
The first item of business was the keeping of the Cemetery tidy, the grass had been delayed owing to Mr R. Hooper having been sick.
After some debate, it was decided to use the Allen Scythe to cut the plain parts of the cemetery, which was free of mounds, and Mr S. Wilton would ask his son if he would undertake to use same and be paid for his labour, then to see about having a nylon cord cutting machine to do around curbs and mounds, this was agreed, the secretary to contact a firm and have a demonstration to see if this would be a suitable thing to purchase.

The Deeds of the Cemetery was missing and after some enquiry, these were handed to the late, F. Dawe in 1932. Solicitors had been contacted who had dealt with his affairs and a letter had been received to say that if these deeds had been lodged with the firm of Mr J. A. Elliott, then they could have been destroyed in the Plymouth Office, which was completely burnt down with all The records during the blitz of the 1939-45 war. The secretary was instructed to see about getting a new deed drawn up.
A new tank before catching the roof water had been promised as if to, the trustees to see that it is fixed on a proper base.


Trustee Minute

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