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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 10-2-1981.

Special Trustees Meeting held in the Liberal Room on February 10th 1981.

Present : Messrs V. Hawke, H. Stacey, L. Hawke, E. Warring, M. Doney, W. J. Hambly, and W. Hosken.
Mr W. Hosken was elected to take the chair.
Apologies were received from Messrs N. Couch and S. Wilton.
The meeting met to discuss a legacy left by the late C. Olliver, which arose out of the amount being 230.79, which was to be to the benefit of the cemetery adjacent to the church being governed by the trustees for the time being, but this matter was drawn to the attention of the executors, that the churchyard was governed by the parochial council and not trustees. Therefore, seeing the deceased was buried in the General Cemetery, where other relatives were also buried, it was thought the amount of the legacy should have gone to the trustees and therefore the secretary was instructed to write a letter to the executors pointing out this matter and not willing to share the amount involved with the parochial church council. Contents of letter attached. Typists note: there is a hole in the page where the letter might have been attached.


Trustee Minute

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