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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 9-3-1981.

Minutes of the Annual Trustees Meeting held in the Liberal Room on March 9, 1981.

Present : Messrs E. Warring, R. Jago, V. Hawke, S. Wilton, M. Doney, W. Hosken, N. Couch (treasurer), W. J. Hambly (secretary).
Mr W. Hosken was elected to the chair.
The meeting stood in silence to the memory of the late R. Hooper, who had been a loyal trustee.
Minutes of the annual meeting, 1980 and the special meeting in February 1981 were read and signed.
Arising out of the minutes. The path at the far end of the cemetery had not been done, also the painting had not been done.
The treasurer gave the financial report, which was found very satisfactory, this was adopted.
It was decided that the piece of path in question should be done as soon as possible. Mr S. Wilton would see about the material and the work to be carried out by voluntary labour. Mr E. Warring was instructed to get the painting of the Chapel House done when possible. The officers were re-elected en bloc. -W. J. Hambly secretary, H. Stacey, assistant secretary, N. Couch treasurer.
It was moved that we charge two pounds for the use of the chapel for funerals, the covering of the seating from Commonmoor chapel to be given to cover the seats at the Cemetery Chapel for funerals.
The secretary was instructed to write letters to those of the family, who were responsible for replacing the curbs after the internment of relatives. Some had been allowed to remain lying around for much longer period than necessary. It was thought that they should be replaced at most in 2 months.
Cutting the grass, it was decided that someone should be employed to do this work, perhaps to cut at least three times a year. The secretary to contact someone who was prepared to do this work and negotiate the cost of cutting, it was thought that 100 would be a guideline for this work.
The members donated towards the cost of the room.


Trustee Minute

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