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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 22-3-1982.

Annual Trustees Meeting held in the Liberal Room, on March 22, 1982.

Present : Messrs W. Hosken, E. Warring, N. Couch, W. J. Hambly.
Mr W. Hosken was elected to the chair.
Apologies to Messrs M. Doney, S. Wilton, L. Mitchell, V. Hawke.
Minutes of the last annual meeting was read and signed.
Arising from the same, the painting had been done, and Mr E. Warring was thanked for painting the windows and doors inside voluntarily.
It was decided to see about a bigger machine for cutting the grass. This was to be dealt with by a small committee.
The officers were re-elected en block.
It was decided to charge 10 for all graves, this to include second burial and fixing of memorials.
It was agreed that we give one pound from the funds to the Liberal Association for use of room.


Trustee Minute

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