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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 25-3-1983.

The annual meeting of the trustees of St Cleer General Cemetery held in the Liberal Room on March 25, 1983

Present : Messrs E. warring, L. Hawke, H. Stacey, M. Doney, W. Hosken, N. Couch (treasurer), W. J. Hambly (secretary).
Mr W. Hosken was elected to the chair.
Apologies were received from Messrs R. Jago, V. Hawke, S. Wilton.
The minutes of the last annual meeting were read and signed.
Arising, the new machine had been purchased.
Financial statement was give and found correct and satisfactory and accepted
It was moved that Mr D. Snell be thanked for auditing the books.
Election of officers. Mr W. J. Hambly was re-elected, but he said that he would serve as long as he could, but the next a few months he may consider moving away from St Cleer, if this did happen. Mr H. Stacey would fill the vacancy of secretary he was now the assistant.
Mr N. Couch was re-elected treasurer.
It was proposed to treat the east wall of the chapel outside with a waterproof solution. Mr E. Warring said he would undertake this work.
It was moved that we give the Liberal Association one pound for the loan of the room. The meeting closed at 8:15 p.m.


Trustee Minute

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