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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 19-3-1985.

The Annual Meeting of the Trustees of St Cleer General Cemetery held in the Liberal room on the 19th of March 1985.

Present : Messrs W. Hambly, N. Couch, N. Harper, E. Warring, W. Hosken, S. Wilton, L. Hawke, F. Hooper and H. Stacey.
Apologies were received from R. Jago and M. Doney.
Mr W. Hambly was elected as chairman.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.
Arising from same. Thanks were given to Messrs S. Wilton and L. Hawke and helpers for cleaning the lower corner of the cemetery, it was agreed that it was now respectable.
The satisfactory financial statement was given.
Mr N. Couch resigned as treasurer he was thanked for his past services.
Mr Hambly resigned as secretary and was elected treasurer.
Mr H. Stacey was elected secretary.
It was stated that Mr R. Hooper would cut the grass again this year.
Mr Hambly would see about disposing of the Allen grass cutting machine.
Mr H. Stacey was asked to see the proprietor of Downderry Construction re land adjoining cemetery.
Mr E. Warring promised to refix slate on cemetery chapel.
New cemetery the charges was proposed and passed. Burial fee 10, right to place a memorial 10.
The meeting closed at 9:20 p.m.


Trustee Minute

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