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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 1-2-1988.

The annual meeting of the trustees of St Cleer Cemetery held in the Liberal room on 1st of February 1988 at 7:30 p.m.

Mr W. Hosken was elected chairman.
The trustees stood in memory of the late Mr W. Hambly.
Those present were Messrs F. Hooper, E. Warring, W. Hosken, N. Couch, N. Harper, M. Doney and H. Stacey.
Minutes of the last meeting was read and signed as being in order.
Mr H. G. Stacey was re-elected as secretary and elected as treasurer.
Mr E. Warring to counter sign the cheques etc. it was decided to open a current account in place of the second deposit account and have a cheque book.
It was proposed by Mr M. Doney and passed by the trustees to raise all cemetery fees by five pounds. Each burial 15. Memorials, 15. Reserved grave 15. Right to intern ashes 10.
If a new grass whip is required, it was agreed one could be purchased.
The meeting closed at 8:45 p.m.


Trustee Minute

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