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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 4-7-1871

Meeting held at Venland, St Cleer July 4th 1871.

1. That Mr William Daniel preside.
2. That the Secretary write to Mr Nicholas Richards and ask him to take 10 of the principle at Michaelmas and in case he refuse he be paid the whole of the principal and interest.
3. That Mr Dawe audit the accounts.
4. That Mr Daniel inform Mr James Rogers that unless he pay the sum of one pound 10 shillings, the amount due for land taken up by him in the St Cleer General Cemetery, on or before the 31st day of this month, legal proceedings will be taken against him for the recovery of the same forthwith.
5. That the best thanks of this meeting be accorded to Richard Stephens for the correct and straightforward manner in which he has, during the last two years, fulfilled his duties as secretary of the St Cleer General Cemetery.
6. That Mr James Forest be secretary at 10 shillings per annum.
7. The accounts having been audited, they be passed as correct.

Signed William Daniel Chairman.


Trustee Minute

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