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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 3-6-2008

The Annual Meeting of the Trustees held on Tuesday 3rd June 2008 at 7-30pm

Apologies from R Brokenshire and R Emuss
Those present were:- Sean Kelly, Paul Stacey, Henry Stacey.
We paused to remember Morris Doney who died this year.
HS wrote a letter to CDC ref the planning application at the coal stores to note the right of way over the property. The financial report was given of 1719-00 income and 1462-00 expenditure. SK/PS to ask Bob Emuss if there is a possibility of volunteers to cut back the overgrowing hedge.
It was unanimously decided to increase fees by 5%. However to secure future income single depth graves only are to increase in cost by 50%. Fees are as follows
Burial 177-00
Interment of Ashes 51-00
Reserving a plot 63-00
Erection of a memorial on 61-00
grave or cremation plot
Additional inscription 17-00
Use of Chapel 17-00
HS reported that clearing waste from the enclosure is becoming a problem. It was decided to clear all current waste and dismantle the enclosure. Action PS/HS Also a sign to be put up directing waste to 2 new dustbins to be positioned by the main gate for regular weekly disposal by the dustman. Action HS/SK
SK reported income from open day (tea and coffee) and CD sales 45.25
Meeting closed at 8.15pm


Trustee Minute

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