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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 14-5-2009

The Annual Meeting of the Trustees held on Thursday, 14 May 2009 at 7:30 PM

Apologies from R Emuss, S Kelly and R Brockenshire.
Those present were:- ministers F Hooper, P Stacey and H Stacey.
With regret we accept the resignation of Roger Brockenshire and thank him for his help over the years.
The financial report was given:- 1161.41 income and 1537.50 expenditure. We received 200 from St Cleer Parish Council, included in the income figure.
Derris Watson was proposed as the new Trustee and unanimously accepted. Trustee numbers are still too low and we need to find more people willing to put their names forward for next year.
A letter was written to C.D.C. Planning Department to object to the position of a new path from a proposed housing estate which appears to terminate at the cemetery boundary.
It was unanimously decided to increase the fees by 5%. Fees for 2009/2010 are now as follows:-
Burial 186.00
Interment of ashes 54.00
Reserving the plot 66.00
Erection of a memorial on a
grave or cremation plot 64.00
Additional inscription 18.00
Use of Chapel 18.00

Meeting closed at 8 PM


Trustee Minute

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