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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 15-6-2010

The Annual Meeting of the Trustees held on Tuesday 15th of June 2010 at 7:30 PM

Apologies from Mrs D Watson
Those present were:- S Kelly, P Stacey and H Stacey.
We remembered Edgar Warring, a Trustee for many years who died recently.
As Trustee numbers are dwindling Sean Kelly suggested and note in the Granite Post asking for anyone interested to apply as a Trustee.
We also noted that R Emuss resigned this year due to an impending move and we thank him for his valuable support and work.
The financial report was given:- 1129.00 income and 1631.50 expenditure giving a 502.50 shortfall. (Funds in deposit account will cover this). There has been a shortfall for two years now so we will continue to request a donation from St Cleer Parish Council who normally give 200. We may have to look for other sources of funding in future perhaps Derris Watson would be able to help in this matter.
It was unanimously decided to increase fees by 8%. Fees for 2010/2011 are now as follows:-
Burial 200.00
Interment of ashes 58.00
Reserving a plot 71.00
Erection of a memorial on a
grave or cremation plot 69.00
Additional inscription 20.00
Use of Chapel 20.00
Meeting closed at 8:10 PM


Trustee Minute

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