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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 14-6-2012

The Annual Meeting of the Trustees held on Thursday, 14th June 2012 at 7pm

All Trustees were present H G Stacey, Paul Stacey, Sean Kelly, Derris Watson and Paul White

The Financial Report was given showing some £2,289.32 in hand. Income totalling £1188 had been from 4 burials and 2 interments of ashes plus some fees for erection of monuments. A grant of £200 had also been received from the Parish Council. Expenses totalled £996.26 made up of £540 for grass cutting and £456.26 for insurance.

It was agreed that the Secretary should write to St Cleer Parish Council to request their annual grant to support the Cemetery.

Last year it had been decided that due to financial circumstances grass cutting should be limited to a value of £500 for the year. In order to keep the cemetery in good order it was agreed to increase this to £700 for 2012-13.

Charges for 2012 were agreed as follows

Burial - £220.00
Interment of ashes - £65.00
Reserving a burial plot - £71.00
Reserving a cremation plot - £35.00
Erection of a memorial on a grave or cremation plot - £75.00
Additional inscription - £22.00
Use of Chapel - £25.00

It was noted that the planning application submitted for the Coal Yard had been withdrawn.

Sean Kelly produced an email from Lois Fleming, a descendant of Samuel Ough, who lives in Australia asking whether there were any earlier minutes than those shown on the website. Unfortunately there are not.

Derris Watson talked about the ‘Village People’ exhibition which is due to come to St Cleer and asked whether it could be held in the Chapel on 21st July. The Trustees agreed unanimously.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8pm


Trustee Minute

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