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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 30-10-2013

Minutes from a Meetingof the Trustees 30th October 2013 7:00pm held at Higher Tremar

Present: Derris Watson (DW) Chair / Treasurer, Sean Kelly (SRK) Secretary, Paul Stacey (PS) Trustee, MikeChorlton (MC) Trustee
Apologies: Iain Rowe (IR) Trustee
The minutes of the last meeting were agreed unanimously
Finance: DW presented the Udy brotherís invoice which was for £800 for this yearís grass cutting. This consisted of 5 cuts and was the same cost as £2012. The payment of this invoice was approved unanimously
It was agreed to submit an application for the Parish Council grant of £250.
Current financial position is £6549.24, which included a legacy from the late Mr Henry Stacey (Chairman) and a donation of £60 by Mr Alec Kendall being his Royalties from his book on the Liskeard and Caradon Railway
The main reason for the meeting was to discuss the on-going concern of the trees. DW had a site meeting with Jane Uglow of CHAHP who have authorised £900 fund to trim back trees on the hedge adjacent to the school with the work being carried out from the school drive.
All trees on the Cemetery boundaries are getting bigger and need cutting back/down. SRK said he would ask some colleagues whether they wished to take down the Hazel on the boundary between the old and new parts and take the wood for fuel. DW will also ask people she knows. If they do this in a tidy manner then they will be offered the chance to harvest other wood. Mr Bunyard has requested to take down the ash tree next to the side gate (not TPOed). DW will write to give trustees permission to Mr Bunyard.
The question concerning the locking of the gates was raised as SRK had removed the padlock and chain some time ago and it has not been returned. Some positive comments had been received concerning better access and it was unanimously decided to leave the gates unlocked for the time being.
SRK has remapped the bottom of section C to update the map in connection with the number of remaining burials and/or interments that are available. He and DW will collaborate on a letter to sort out the plot which has been duplicated
IR had verbally agreed to come in with his brush cutter to help reduce the overgrown areas within the cemetery. Trustees offered to help if they are free and informed when this is to be done.
Meeting closed at 8:20


Trustee Minute

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