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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 11-4-1867

Trustee Meeting held at Mr Peter Matthews, St Cleer April 11, 1867.

Mr Nicholas Daniel Chairman.
1. That we read over all the resolutions in the old Minute Books and carefully examine all the resolutions relative to the working of the Cemetery and amend any requiring alterations and insert all useful resolutions in this book.

2. That there be an annual meeting held as mentioned on the Deed. When the Trustees shall present to the Public a Statement of accounts in connection with the Cemetery and receive suggestions as to the future working.

3. That the Trustees be the managing committee of the cemetery, and in case of any vacancy occurring it be stated at the annual meeting and the said meeting shall elect individuals to fill the vacancies so that the managing committee shall never be a less number than twenty.

4. That the Price of land be advanced from the original of two pounds two shillings per yard (Statute measure) to the sum of three pounds per yard and not less than a quarter of a yard sold at the said price of three pounds per yard.

5. That we sell graves freehold at eight shillings each to have the right of interment for the space of seven feet six inches by three feet wide, subject to the rules of the cemetery.

6. That all coffins be covered with earth to the depth of four feet at least.

7. That the grave digger make all graves to the depth of six feet for persons above 12 years of age.

8. That the grave digger be paid for adult graves three shillings and six pence. Under 12 years of age, two shillings and sixpence and any extra depth at the rate of one shilling per foot.

9. That the grave digger be allowed to charge one shilling for assisting to fix Head Stones.

10. That the grave digger give and take one months notice in case of leaving.

11. That the charge for interment, including the gravediggers charge be for adults, five shillings and six pence and under 12 years four shillings and sixpence.

12. That the charge for interment the second time of interring in one grave be for adults, four shillings and sixpence and under 12 years of age three shillings and sixpence.

13. That the charge for fixing Head Stones be two shillings and sixpence and for foot stones six pence each grave exclusive of the fixing, and land freehold graves excepted.

14. That persons erecting Tomb Stones the inscriptions intended to be placed there on; be submitted to the secretary, and if anything or sentence has any irreligious bearing he consult three of the trustees before giving a decision.

15. That the grave digger cut the grass, keep the fences, plants, shrubs etc and the cemetery and house in good order, and he to have the grass and stones that come out of the graves in lieu thereof.

Signed Chairman


Trustee Minute

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