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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 15-06-2016

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting15th June 2016 held at 7.30 in the Chapel

Present: D Watson Chair/Treasurer, S Kelly, I Rowe, M Chorlton and P Stacey.

Apologies: None

Minutes of the last Meeting on 20th May 2015 were approved

Matters Arising: The work done by volunteers over the last couple of years was discussed and the Trustees expressed their gratitude for the work done. M Chorlton gave the name of a reasonable tree surgeon and D Watson will speak to him with regard to both the Ash on the wall and the Copper Beeches. They would be happy for further work days to be held this year.

Financial Report: was presented and aproved

Income 1522.58

Expenditure 2064.02

Closing balance 6312.98.

Maintenance: Udys had already done the first cut. Their prices are held again for the coming season.

Insurance has been renewed with a small increase in the premium up by 25.81 to 579.08

Burial Charges will be raised to 250 for burials and 75 for interment of ashes. All other charges for Reservations and the erection of monuments will be held.

AOB S Kelly reported a conversation with Mr Bunyard regarding the new fence, between his new build and the cemetery on our vehicular access. The Fence is hinged and will open to allow digger access through our gate behind the fence.

The meeting ended at 8.00pm


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