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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 16-06-2017

Minutes of the meeting of the Trustees held 0n 16th June 2017 at 7pm in the Chapel

Present D Watson, S Kelly, P Stacey and M Chorlton

Apologies were received from I Rowe and S Hopkin

Minutes of the last meeting on 15th June 2016 were agreed

Finance report There is a balance at the bank of 6933.20 but there is one uncleared cheque for 599.68 for the Insurance premium which leaves an available balance of 6393.92 a standstill position from the balance a year ago. The finance report was approved.

Grass Cutting The parish Council had withdrawn its grant in favour of commissioning the Probation Service to cut the grass. The trustees have ben concerned about the possible damage to headstones if they were to carry out the work. Time went on and eventually the length of the grass made a decision essential. The Probation Service then said the job was too big. It has not proved possible to contact Udys and the PC have now agreed that initially the grass will be cut and the area brought up to standard over the season. The first cut will be Sunday 25th June.

Registration of Burial Ground The Trustees agreed a limit of 1200 within which DW and PS were able to operate in order to accomplich the registration of the ground and the vehicular right of way. DW to make an appointment to visit solicitors with PS. (Made for 26th June 2pm.)

Cemetery Gates Because of corrosion the gates have become dangerous and the Trustees had had them removed and placed in the Chapel. DW applied to Heritage Lottery Fund for the money with which to refurbish them. The bid was unsuccessful so we will explore other avenues to try to obtain the funds. If a bid to Viridor hasa possibility of success MC will write and submit it.

Burial Charges It was decided to keep basic charges the same for the coming year with the exception of walled graves which take 50% more space. Therefore it was agreed that walled burials should be charged at 375 in future.

The meeting ended at 7.55pm


Trustee Minute

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