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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 25-05-2021

Minutes of the meeting of the Trustees held on 25th May at 7pm in the Cemetery Chapel

Present D Watso, S Kelly, P Stacey

Apologies there were none

Minutes of the meeting held on 17th June 2019 were agreed.

Financial Report DW had circulated the bank statements for the preceding two years. It showed a small but steady loss of reserves. It was heartening to note that the Parish Council had increased their grant to 450 and that this is likely to continue. There have been few burials in the last couple of years.

Burial Fees There was general agreement that our charges were a fraction of those in other Cemeteries and less than a quarter of those in CC facilities.

New rates will be

Burial 400
Walled graves 550
Interment of Ashes 140
Erection of a Memorial 100
Extra Inscription 40
Use of Chapel 40
Reservations 200

AOB The trustees wish to thank Mr Wayne Hughes for the work that he has done at the Cemetery. The area around the bench he has installed is beautiful and the repainting of the gates has certainly enhanced their appearance. His work is greatly appreciated.

During a visit with his grandchildren they had been alarmed by the aggressive behaviour of the large dog which came over the wall from the house at the back of the extension piece. He had spoken to the owners about it,

SK was pleased to report that the Dawson memorial has been moved by the company which installed it and it is now in line with other headstones in that row.

The meeting ended at 8.30pm


Trustee Minute

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