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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 18-4-1867

Trustee Meeting held at Mr Peter Matthews, St Cleer April 18 1867

William Daniel Trecarne Chairman
1. That any person after having a friend interred shall have the privilege of selecting space for one or more graves in succession by paying to the secretary or treasurer at the time of selection the sum of three shillings for each grave and the same to be renewed by the payment of three shillings every seven years. Without its renewal at the expiration of the time mentioned the trustees can dispose of the graves as they think proper.
2. That any person desirous of selecting a grave May do so, by choosing one of the several pieces the ground shown them by the grave digger at charge of three shillings. In addition to the ordinary charge for interring. (The sexton charge).
3. That no funerals take place on Sundays after 1:00 p.m.
4. That no person be considered to have purchased land on freehold graves before it is paid for.
5. That the deed is lodged, with Mr John Elliott, Manager of the Devon and Cornwall Bank, Liskeard (only for safety) and a copy of the same with the treasurer of the cemetery.
6. That no erections been made on purchase or other graves to exceed 6 feet long and 2'6" wide.
7. That the secretary be paid for performing his duties One pound per annum.

Signed William Daniel Chairman


Trustee Minute

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