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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 30-5-1867

Trustee Meeting held at Mr P Matthews house St Cleer, May 30 1867

1. That Messrs Martin and Crago be appointed to borrow of some person the sum of 15 to pay the several bills now remaining due and they to give the person lending to understand that a number of trustees will sign a Promissory note as security.
2. That the secretary write to Somerset House to enquire respecting the stamp of the conveyance papers.
3. That the following shall be inscribed in plain letters on the stone in the front wall of the Cemetery House.

St Cleer General Cemetery
On the 26th day of July 1864 to the
use of various religious dissenting
Denominations in the neighbourhood
and the Public Generally
Purchased and Worked
by voluntary contributions and profits
arising from the sale of Graves.
by twenty Trustees who are bound
To present the accounts to an
Annual Meeting. If any time
profits should arise the public and
not the Trustees to have the benefit
of the same.

Signed William Daniel Chairman.


Trustee Minute

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