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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 22-1-1886.

Trustee Meeting held at Richard Stantanís, 22 October 1886.

Captain Holman in the chair.
1. That the reports for the past year be adopted and passed.
2. That Mr Sibly be paid five shillings for two days at the appeal to Assessment Committee.
3. That Richard Stantan be re-elected as secretary at a salary of 10 shillings per annum.
4. That Messrs W. Martin, James and Samuel Goodman be the working committee for the ensuing year.
5. That Captain Holman be appointed treasurer for the year ensuing.
6. That the working committee be empowered to instruct the Sexton to trim the hedges and keep the grass properly cut in cemetery and if not properly carried out according to their orders they shall have power to employee or engage another Sexton.


Trustee Minute

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