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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 23-7-1867

Meeting held at Mr Peter Matthews July 23 1867

Mr W. Daniel Chairman
1. That the treasurer show the draft of the Deed (as prepared by Mr Geach) to Mr John Elliott of Liskeard and have his opinion thereon.
2. That the secretary see Mr N. Richard, respecting the loan of the additional sum required.
3. That Mr Taylor speak to John Heath, respecting the payment for his land and also give him to understand that without paid forthwith other steps will be taken by the Trustees.
4. That Messrs Martin and Matthews see Mr Colman, respecting the work of the House and if he does not complete the work in two weeks from the date of this meeting, other tradesmen shall be employed to complete the work and take it out their contract money.
5. That Mr J. Hambly place backs to 2 forms for the mourners.

Signed William Daniel Chairman


Trustee Minute

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