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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 1-11-1895.

Trustee Meeting held at R Stantanís 1st November 1895

1. That accounts for the past year be adopted and passed.
2. That code of rules be got out for Sexton's charges etc.
3. That Sexton's charges for headstones etc remain as before.
4. That Sexton's charges be posted in the Cemetery House.
5. The rent of land remain as was vis one pound per year.
6. That Edward Sowden be appointed trustee in place of Irwin Batten.
7. That Henry Trenberth be trustee in place of James Mann deceased
8. That William Daniel the younger be trustee in place of William Daniel deceased.
9. That William James Harris be trustee in place of William Martin, deceased.
10. That Messrs F. Dawe, T Sibly and W. H. Stone be the working committee for the ensuing year.
11. That the same treasurer and secretary be reappointed for the year ensuing
12. That a new gate be ordered for the entrance into cemetery ground.
13. That the roof of cemetery house be cramped.
14. That the working committee pay the Sexton what they think fair for cutting hedges etc..
15. That with reference to charging Mr Goodman do as he had been doing before.


Trustee Minute

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