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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 16-10-1896.

Trustee Meeting held at R Stantan's 16th October 1896.

1. That Mr W. H. Stone preside over the meeting.
2. That in future Ins Stephens be employed to do the cemetery work.
3. That accounts for past year be adopted and passed.
4. That same treasurer and secretary be re-elected for the coming year.
5. That W. H. Stone be one of the working committee for the year ensuing
6. That Mr F Dawe be one of the working committee also Mr T Sibly during the coming year.
7. That the paths in cemetery be sanded, and doors and windows painted during next year.
8. That rent for cemetery land in future be 15 shillings per year and to date from last Lady day.
9. That Miss Weeks be allowed to go out of possession of cemetery land without giving previous notice, at any quarter of the year
10. That Mr Goodman be paid five shillings for cutting down trees in cemetery.


Trustee Minute

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