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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 13-9-1897.

Trustee Meeting held at R Stantanís the 13th September 1897.

1. That Mr F. Dawe preside over the meeting.
2. That accounts for the past year be adopted and passed.
3. That Mr W. H. Stone be re-elected As treasurer.
4. That same secretary be re-elected
5. That Messrs F. Dawe, W. H. Stone and T Sibly be reappointed working committee for the ensuing year.
6. That Captain Bryant be appointed trustee in place of Mr Henry Dawe.
7. That notice be sent to Miss Weeks to quit the cemetery land next Lady day.
8. That the power of letting the cemetery grounds be given into the hands of the working committee.
9. That Mr T Goodman be allowed the grass in road leading from gate to the Platt.
10. That Mr Goodman be paid 2/6 for wheeling and spreading sand.
11. That a ceiling of pitch pine wood be placed in cemetery house


Trustee Minute

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