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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 24-10-1904

Trustee Meeting held at R Stantanís on 24th of October 1904

1. That Mr F. Dawe preside over the meeting
2. That the same working committee be reappointed
3. That the same treasurer be re-elected
4. That the same secretary be reappointed.
5. That Jethro Heard be appointed trustee in place of Mr H. Stone
6. That R Hodge be appointed trustee in place of James Hicks
7. That price for breaking new ground be three shillings instead of two shillings as formerly, and for burying the second corpse in the same grave one and six to be charged instead of one shilling as formerly.
8. That price in future for fixing headstones be 7/6 instead of five shillings as formerly.
9. That price of one grave in future be 7/6 instead of six shillings as formerly.
10. That price of land be raised to four pounds per yard instead of 60 shillings as formerly.
11. That Mr Olliver renews signboard in cemetery, and that one key be kept at Mr G. Rowes St Cleer


Trustee Minute

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