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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 22-10-1906

Trustee Meeting held in the Council Schoolroom on Monday, October 22, 1906

Present: Messrs Dawe, Williams, Smith, M. Daniel, Toy, Kellow, Higgins, Stephens, Olliver, Stanaway and Batten
1. That Mr Daniel preside over the meeting
2. That Mr Skentlebery be appointed secretary for the ensuing year.
3. That Mr J. Stephens be treasurer.
4. That Mr S L Stephens be elected trustee in place of the late Mr Buzza.
5. That Mr A. J. Cock be elected trustee in place of Mr Stantan.
6. That Mr Skentlebery be elected trustee in place of Capt Bryant
7. That Messrs F. Dawe, F. Williams and J. Stephens form the working committee.
8. That the working committee look into the matter of expenses etc and report to next annual meeting.
9. That the Sexton be paid 6d extra on each grave


Trustee Minute

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