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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 21-11-1910

Annual Meeting of Trustees held in the Council Schoolroom, November 21, 1910

Present : Messrs S. L. Stephens, F. Williams, J. Stevens, A J. Phillips L. Skentlebery and J. Higgins
1. That the secretary write to the School Managers and complain about the overflowing of the drainage water from the school premises into the cemetery.
2. That the treasurer pay Mr F. Dawe, eight pounds or nine pounds as convenient.
3. That Messrs J. Stephens and L. Skentlebery be appointed treasurer and secretary respectively.
4. That Mr Skentlebery receive the thanks of the trustees, for his offer to do the work of secretary, for 1 instead of 1-10-0 per annum
5. That the old working committee be reappointed.
6. That Messrs B Stephens and E. Mayne be elected trustees in place of Messrs WH Olliver and E. Hicks, deceased
7. That the secretary be authorised to obtain a new burials book.
8. That the working committee be requested to make arrangements for the painting and ventilation of the mortuary chapel.


Trustee Minute

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