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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 30-11-1911.

Annual Meeting of Trustees held in the Council Schoolroom, November 30th 1911.

Present : Messrs SL Stephens, J Stephens, B. Stephens, F. Dawe, F. Williams, W. Toy, W. Daniel, A J. Cock, C. Kellow and L. Skentlebery
Mr SL Stephens was unanimously elected chairman.
1. That L. Skentlebery be appointed secretary.
2. That J. Stephens be re-elected treasurer.
3. That the present working committee be re-elected
4. That Mr SL Stephens be added to the working committee.
5. That Messrs R. Chapman and J. H. Whitford be elected trustees in place of Messrs R Smith and J. Higgins deceased


Trustee Minute

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