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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 20-11-1916

Annual General Meeting held November 20th, 1916.

Present : Messrs J. Stephens, W. Toy, J. Stanaway, A J. Cock, F. Tucker, L. Skentlebery, F. Williams, F. Dawe, A J. Phillips, and E. Batten
1. That Mr Stephens be chairman.
2. That the minutes of the last meeting be signed.
3. That the balance sheet be passed.
4. That Mr W. Bray, of Fursnewth be elected a trustee in place of Mr Matthew Daniel deceased
5. That the secretary and treasurer be re-elected.
6. That Messrs J. Stephens, F Dawe, F. Williams, S L Stephens and the secretary form the working committee.
7. That a lock be placed on the gate leading into the cemetery from the GWR.yard.
8. That in future the sexton's fees be as follows:-
1. Ordinary Grave 5/6
2. Double Grave 6/6
3. Brick Grave 10/6
9. That for persons whose last place of residence was outside the parish, the charge for internment be 7/6 instead of three shillings.
10. That for parishioners the charge be 4/- instead of 3/-.
11. That the price for a freehold grave be 10 shillings instead of 7/6 and for persons outside the parish the charge shall be 15/-.
12. That the charge for three graves shall be 25/-; for 6 graves 50/- for nine graves, 75 /- and for 12 graves 100 /-.
13. That in future 30 shillings be paid for cutting grass instead of one pound.


Trustee Minute

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