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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 10-11-1919

Annual Meeting, November 10th, 1919.

Present : Messrs AT Cock, J. Stephens, A J. Phillips, W. Bray, F. Tucker, E. Batten, L. Skentlebery.
Proposed and carried.
1. That Mr Stephens be chairman.
2. That Mr Batten order Mr J. Heard to make a wheelbarrow for use of the sexton.
3. That the working committee endeavour to ascertain the legal owner of the cemetery hedge and make arrangements to have it trimmed.
4. That the balance sheet be passed.
5. That Mr J. Stephens be re-elected treasurer.
6. That Mr Skentlebery be secretary.
7. That the present working committee be re-elected.
8. That Mr Whiting be trustee in place of Mr Toy, deceased.
9. That Mr Rowe be elected trustee in place of Mr Harris, resigned


Trustee Minute

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