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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 1-12-1924

Annual Meeting of Trustees held December 1st, 1924.

Present : Messrs F. Dawe, F. Williams, J. Stephens, SL Stephens, A J. Cock, T Whiting, A J. Phillips, L. Skentlebery, J. Heard, W. Bray, J. Mitchell and F. Tucker.
Resolved -
1. That the balance sheet be passed.
2. That Messrs Williams and SL Stephens be requested to make arrangements for the completion of the work of fixing the new gate as soon as possible.
3. That Mr Rolstone’s bill be paid.
4. That the working committee be re-elected.
5. That the treasurer and secretary be re-elected.
6. That the trustees be called together again in February.
7. That a concert in aid of the funds be arranged for in February.
8. That Messrs Phillips, Bray and Cock be responsible for all the arrangements in connection with the concert.


Trustee Minute

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